For over 100 years, Melbourne has played host the most historic track race in the world. Dating back to 1887, the Austral Wheelrace and Melbourne Cup on Wheels has drawn professional cyclists from around the world to compete in the 2000m handicap races.


“It was the first handicap races in Victoria and likely in Australia. It started with Penny Farthings around the Melbourne Cricket Grounds and have been running ever since. Like the Melbourne to Warrnambool, it has been running continuously and is one of those races all cyclists aspire to win.”


In 2019, Cycling Victoria brings together four major track races to bring the Melbourne Track Carnival to the boards in Victoria. Held across the Joe Ciavola Velodrome (DISC), White Street and Melbourne Hisense Arena, the Melbourne Track Carnival brings three-days of world-class racing right to your doorstep. 


Join Cycling Victoria at the Shimano Super Crit for the inaugural Cycling Victoria Fixed Gear Criterium on White Street. Racing promises the thrills, spills and excitement that has grown from worldwide Red Hook Criteriums which has gathered an abundance of international attention over the past 11 years.


Racing on the boards kicks off with the Melbourne Cup on Wheels on Thursday, December 19. The jam-packed day of racing is designed to start the weekend off with a bang on the boards. Thursday will conclude with the infamous 83rd Men’s and 9th Women’s Melbourne Cup on Wheels Handicap Races won in 2018 by Kell O’Brien and Ruby Roseman-Gannon. 


The final evening of racing at Melbourne Hisense Arena includes the 2020 Australian National Madison Championships, a hotly contested event which draws the best of the best Australian Track Riders vying for the Green and Gold bands. 


The feature events and highlights of the night will be 122nd Men’s Austral Wheelrace and 9th Women’s Austral Wheelrace, these pinnacle events will conclude the thrilling night of racing and are not to be missed.